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Tiwa Savage & Wizkid: Gender Bias in the Nigerian Music Scene

Last year, one of the Nigerian entertainment industry’s hottest topics came by way of the Starboy. Wizkid, as his name denotes, favors the provocative, the teenage-esque thrill of featuring in sexually-charged scenes. Even, his relationship with Tiwa Savage —bar their obvious musical chemistry— is publicly strengthened through subtle sexual tension. Case in study: Fever.

Most viewers swore with their lives that what happened in the video was more than acting. There was surely something. Since the video, Wizkid and Tiwa Savage haven’t pulled off something similar. Low key, we had moved on.

However, recently Wizkid trended. Tiwa Savage, too, for brief spells. On a stage, while performing together, Wizkid seemed to squeeze into Tiwa’s buttocks. It was a light touch, yet heavy enough to bear the weight of modern-day trend culture. On the clip, we see Tiwa’s body bend into a what-was-that? What follows after: she turns, professional and all that, and keeps on performing.

On another day (months before), a Burna Boy would kick a fan who tried to get away with a jewel-encrusted piece on his right wrist. Hailed as a sweet zanku move, the video quickly circulated, and while Burna was criticized, these were in the small sections. In larger spaces, his move was necessary energy: every human would react in similar fashion.

If Burna Boy is allowed to be human, why is Tiwa not?

For one, we have got the power structure that places men above women. Whereas Wizkid and Burna Boy can do what’s best for their humanity and brand (at the expense of others), Tiwa Savage can’t. Irrespective of her level of popularity and success, she’ll probably never get to that point of celebrity privilege.

Source: NJO

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