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About Us

Triple101Rdadio connects Diasporans from various countries that live in the USA to their friends, families, and home country through various music, people to people interactions (interviews), and talk shows. Each time slot allotted to performers, DJ’s or broadcasters are carefully tailored to meet the needs of the communities they serve.

Triple101Radio.com is an Internet Radio or Web Radio Broadcasting Station, a technology that seamlessly transmits audio through the internet via computers and other electronic devices. Our broadcasting audio transmits data that is comparable to terrestrial radio and reaches Millions of fans worldwide.

Our Online radio broadcasters apply a technique called Data streaming to connect to listeners. This quick and convenient way to transmit information data means fans do not have to download anything to listen. No storing of information of any kind on their home computers, cell phones or other electronic devices. Only small downloads of small portions of data in a continuous stream. It may be faster than what you usually listen to and the data is destroyed once you have gone through the streaming parts. So, no complete downloaded file stays on your computer. The bits and pieces are called Podcast. By using Triple101Radio listeners have unlimited access to live shows and music through our radio station.