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The Ultimate Guide To December Rocks In Lagos – All You Need To Know

  • If you have plans to turn up and enjoy your life to the fullest in Lagos, make sure you pay attention to this gist. You’ll need it to make the most of the festive month – you can thank me later.

‘Tis almost the season of back to back rocks! December is almost here and there will be lots of concerts, shows and other events to experience! Everybody knows December is the littest month of the year, especially in Lagos. 

If you have plans to turn up and enjoy your life to the fullest in Lagos, make sure you pay attention to this gist. You’ll need it to make the most of the festive month – you can thank me later. Here is your ultimate guide to December rocks in Lagos: 

Buy your tickets on time and online: Event tickets are usually more expensive at the gate. To avoid paying more, just buy your tickets early and also buy them online. You can add the extra cash you’ll save to the drink/food budget.

Leave home early: If there is anything Lagos is famous for it’s the traffic. Although a lot of people will travel to their hometowns for the holidays, there will also be an influx of IJGBs  who want to experience Naija before going back to their lives abroad. All of this means that traffic can be unpredictable around the festive season, especially on the island where most of the popping events will happen. Don’t dull yourself. 

Carry a power bank: Even if you leave the house with a 100% charge, there is no telling if that much juice will be enough for the pictures, Ig stories and tweets you’ll be sending out. Remember that you might also need to call a cab after the show. 

Valid ID because SARS: There may not be a party on the planet like a Lagos party but SARS is still real out here. Make you have some form of identification with you at all times. Don’t let your detty december end in tears. 

Keep valuables out of sight: If you are driving, keep your valuables in the booth of your car. If you’re taking a cab, ensure you carry a bag/purse that you can keep your valuables in and keep close to your body at all times. Naija is hard and boys are not smiling o. 

Obey all traffic rules: Whether you’re driving or taking a cab, getting caught for flouting traffic rules while you’re on your way to turn all the way up is guaranteed to ruin your fun. As the elders always say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Move with your clique: It is generally advisable that you move to your turn up locations with your friends or people you trust. There will be all kinds of characters at these events and you’ll need your people there if anything should go wrong. Lastly, concerts and similar events can be overwhelming if you attend alone so people you can vibe with it key. 

Plan your outings: Don’t just wake up one afternoon and decide that you want to engage in December rocks. Pick the events that appeal to you that you would like to attend, make a budget of how much you’re willing to spend at the event, who you want to go with and so on. This way you’re prepared for any eventuality, thank me later. 

Get a camera or top notch phone: Of course, you should capture these moments of you and your people living your best lives.Life is short and these moments are everything. Invest in a camera, get a phone with a great camera or make sure at least one person in your turn up clique has a decent camera phone.  

Consume in moderation: From food to drinks, make sure you consume anything you’re ingesting in moderation. You don’t want to be the drunk friend that ruins everybody else’s night because they drank too much or ate the wrong thing. Don’t play yourself. 

ATM/Cash: This is absolutely non-negotiable. Make sure you have BOTH your ATM and some cash on you at all times during your December rocks. Unless you want to wash plate and disgrace your family outside.

Keep emergency contact in the loop: As you go about your turn up, be sure to always let your chosen emergency contact informed of your whereabouts. Details like the plate number of the cab you’re taking, the people you’re going with and the precise details of the event you’re going to, including location. Safety first, always. 

You made it to the end and I can confidently say you’re now ready for all-out December rocks and the best time of your life! How would you prepare for December rocks? I want to know! Drop a comment and let me know if there is anything else I missed.

Source: TheNetNg

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