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Photos: Massive fire sweeps through Oko-Baba Sawmill

Locals trying to quench the fire. Photo: Efunla Ayodele

By Kazeem Ugbodaga

A massive fire has swept through the popular Oko-Baba Sawmill, a slum in Ebute Meta area of Lagos, Southwest Nigeria.

Several shanties are up in flames as residents run helter and skelter trying to salvage their belongings.

Thick smokes invade the atmosphere, accompany with balls of fire hungrily devouring its preys.

Locals are seen trying to put out the fire with bales of water, as officials of the Lagos State Fire Service and other emergency responders are yet to hit the scene.

Locals trying to quench the fire. Photo: Efunla Ayodele

PM News photo-journalist, Efunla Ayodele who is at the scene says emergency responders are not on site.

‘The fire is so massive and people are trying to put it out with water in plastic buckets,” he says.

Huge crowd has gained access to the scene and forms the colony of onlookers.

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