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Here are our 5 favourite things Cardi B did in Lagos

  • She threw down at the strip club: Since Cardi B was a stripper before getting into music, it only makes sense that she would want to get a sense of the stripper scene in Nigeria. She visited the Silver Fox club at Oniru, Lagos and made it rain on the girls whilst getting dances. You wouldn’t expect less from her.  
  • She visited an art gallery: She also went to check out some art at a gallery where she also received a couple of paintings from fans and artists. One of those paintings wasn’t so good though. 
  • She went shopping at Ebeano Supermarket: What will you do if you’re just buying your groceries and next thing, Cardi B is shopping beside you? That is how shocked people were to see the international superstar standing in line after shopping. She really is hard to hate, that Cardi B. 
  • Donated to an orphanage without photo ops: This was why she went to Ebeano Supermarket in the first place. Everything she bought was actually for the orphanage. What’s more, she didn’t take the typical “savior” images choosing to stick with a couple of pictures with staff at the orphanage. 
  • LivespotXFestival performance: Her performance at the festival, which is why she was in Nigeria in the first place, was immaculate. Her set was full of energy, she picked great songs and performed them in the perfect order and she and her dancers wore green and white outfits representing the Nigeria spirit. She twerked, touched the crowd and delivered an all-round stellar performance before signing out with her hit song “Bodak Yellow” and a fireworks display. Top notch. 

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