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Driving Tips: 10 Things You Can Do To Become A Better Driver

Tips for safe driving contribute significantly to the safety of roads and highways and reduces the frequency of accidents on the highway.
If you already know how to drive and have a driver’s license, that’s fine. However, if you’re not sure enough to drive in a city like Lagos, even though you have a driver’s license, here are some tips to help you get better.

Practice with different cars

Are you lucky enough to have access to various car brands and car models? If this is the case, consider it an
advantage that gives you the opportunity to drive better. The more cars you can train to perfect your driving skills, the more versatile you will be behind the wheels. An important tip for you at this point is to focus on the driving experience. Do not be tempted to drive a particular car, especially if you have other cars available.

Find space to practice

After you have obtained your driver’s license, you must practice. You should look for places where you can practice. You can do this in a quiet area as well as in districts where there are many long streets. In such areas, there are also many corners that you can use to improve your shooting skills. You can also practice driving on soccer fields on which vehicles are allowed to drive on the pitch.

Bond with the car

Driving is not just about accelerating, steering and braking. While driving, you have to connect to the car at a very technical level. The goal is to understand the behavior of the vehicle and how it responds to your control instructions. This covers its braking distance and how stable it stays when accelerating at different speeds. When you reach a point where you connect with the car beyond pure driving, you can drive almost any car.

Anticipate difficult situations

A feature of a good driver is his ability to respond to emergencies or difficult situations. There are several tips for driving, but these depend on your ability to imagine hypothetical scenarios that might happen while driving.
Imagine for a moment a situation in which you have a flat tyre and are tracked by an unknown car or a braking fault. Next you have to ask yourself what you would do if you were in such a situation. When you anticipate these situations and think about how you would react to them, remember to write down your weaknesses and find ways to overcome them.

Do not neglect the handbrake

The handbrake is an integral part of your car and should not be demonstrated alone. This is still the most impressive way to neutralize high speeds and save your life in difficult situations on a wet road. With the handbrake you can strengthen your self-confidence behind the wheels.

Driving without ABS

Does your car have an automatic braking system (ABS)? If this is the case you should disable it to practice an emergency stop. This one thing you should know how to do it.

Check your side mirrors

It’s easy to forget to adjust the side mirrors before getting in the car. The danger is that a blind spot is created. The Blind Spot is the part of the road you can not see because the mirrors have not been adjusted properly. If you have a blind spot while driving, you can easily miss a car moving in a lane near you.
To avoid blind spots, it is important that you adjust your wing mirrors accordingly. If you want to make sure your mirrors are in the correct position, drive backwards past a vehicle next to you. Keep an eye on the wing mirror. The moment you can not see the car anymore, it should be in your peripheral view.

Master the art of reversing

There are several ways to drive backwards, but the best way to drive backwards is to use the side mirrors. Practice that until you can do it extremely well.

Practice in-turn braking

Your emergency braking on the bend is a skill you need to perfect when picking up rides. However, you should practice this on a wide, empty area and not on the highway.

Test the brakes

The moment you start driving, you have a habit of testing your brakes. If you find that your brakes are out of service while you are driving, it can be fatal.

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